Welcome to DB SOCIALS!
Celebrating 19 years

New England's longest running ON-PREMISE ONLY lifestyle party. 
(note: The following Policies as well as info on the FAQ page are just general info about DB'S. Our more defined policies will be explained to you during our phone conversation.)

Reservations are required.  Reservations can be be made starting the day after a party, right up until the early evening of the next party night itself, providing there is room available. 
For those that book more than 2 weeks out, you will get a reminder call during the week of a party night.
IF this is your FIRST VISIT , you MUST RESERVE by PHONE. ( not by text)
If you have been here at least once, you can reserve by phone or e-mail.  (though calling will always get you a quicker response)

Reservations made prior to the the day of the event must be re-confirmed with a phone call the day before on Friday or the day of the event or by leaving a voice message. Barry will let you know each party week when to make the re-conf. call. If there is no message from you by the deadline time, one attempt will be made to call you. Keep in mind, the longer you take to return the phone call, the more of a chance you will be removed from the guest list and replaced with another guest who may be waiting on stand-by.

Cancellations must be made by making a PHONE CALL ONLY. ( not by text or e-mail)  Guests who fail to show without calling may not be welcome in the future.

For anyone responding from out of New England,it is with great joy you are considering making a stop at a DB'S event as part of your stay here in the area. You would be most welcomed. The best thing to do is to keep the contact number listed here on the site, then when you are here in the area, give a call for more info. or to make a reservation.

If you choose not to play with anyone that has made advances,whether you have just met them that night, or are long-time friends,a very simple no thank you with a smile will do the trick.  If you are politely told that the other party does not wish your advances,you must respect them right away. Failure to do so will cause you to be asked to leave the party immediately with no warnings.
Socializing Policy

DB'S is an intimate party with an intimate atmosphere. While there is NEVER any pressure for participation in sexual activities,if you accept an invitation to DB'S,we ask that you at least be prepared to socialize with the other guests. Keep in mind, you'll have no way of knowing if certain people would become good friends without talking to them. If your the shy type,who wants to hang out in a corner by yourselves,and not make an effort to join people on a social level,DB SOCIALS is not for you. We would prefer that you leave open spots on the guest list for people who do want to socialize with others.
Feel free to bring a snack, dessert, or hot food to share with people. However, that is not a requirement to attend.

Guests are encouraged to bring their own beverage of choice.

Alcohol is permitted but intoxication is not.  All guests are responsible for their behaviour.  Intoxication is grounds for immediate removal or refusal of admittance.  

Safe Sex
Please provide your own safe sex supplies.

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