Welcome to DB SOCIALS!
Celebrating 19 years

New England's longest running ON-PREMISE ONLY lifestyle party. 

Q: When are the parties?
  Every two weeks, on a Saturday night, unless noted on the schedule page

Q: When Should I arrive?
A: Anytime from 7 PM -9 PM
Anyone arriving after 9, will not be allowed in 

Q: What are the party hours
A: 7
:00 PM - 11PM to Midnight

Q: What should I wear?
A: We do not have a dress code.  While we ask that you are presentable, we wish for you to be comfortable.  Dress as you feel is appropriate.

Q: What is provided? food? beverages? safe sex supplies?
  Please refer to the policy page for details concerning the above items.

Q: How many people will be there?
A:  Please remember, we are not a club. Our  people wish a smaller more intimate and cozy setting, where there are no cliques, everyone is friendly, new people are welcomed with open arms, and we all feel a closeness with one another in terms of friendship and sensuality.
Therefore on any given party night, the maximum number of people at the party is capped at 15.

Q: what are the ages?
A: We have always welcomed adults of all ages to our parties. Therefore, guests who arrive should come with that understanding, and be comfortable with the prospect of playing with different age groups.

Q: Is there any pressure? / Do we have to play? / What if we just want to watch?
A: There is absolutely no pressure.That would not be tolerated. The comfortable atmosphere has been created where we hope you will be inspired to play, but with the understanding that an enjoyable evening can be had without playing.  Socializing, voyeurism, and play are all welcome activities.
Q:Are soft swap couples welcome? Or are the parties just for full swappers?

A: We welcome any level of experience, and as we said above there is no pressure. However, keep in mind, we are a full-swap Swinger's party, and our people come here to not only socialize but to engage in group play.  If you feel you are truly not ready for that, we suggest holding off for now and come back to us when you are 100% ready.

Q: Is one partner allowed to play THROUGHOUT the evening while the other one chooses not to play at the party, AT ALL?

A:  NO !

Q: Is it ok to act out any scenes or fantasies?
A: Of course, as long as the person or people you are with are consenting. It is also important to let some of the other guests know so there is no unwanted intrusion. ( IE: the girls wanting some "quite time with each other", etc.)

Q: Can I change my reservation? / Add/Drop a date? / or bring guests?
 Provided there is space available on the guest list.  Changes to your reservation are possible.  Please call with the details of your situation and we will work with you (508- 561-7273).

Q: Are single men invited?


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